Advance Performance | “Making Every Interaction Memorable – Customer Service Excellence” by Nick Bishop
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“Making Every Interaction Memorable – Customer Service Excellence” by Nick Bishop

“Making Every Interaction Memorable – Customer Service Excellence” by Nick Bishop

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

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I have a passion for Customer Service Excellence!

This means that in addition to delivering the Advance Performance CPD Accredited Customer Service Excellence Programme, I enjoy being both able to experience and also to validate “fantastic service” when I see it being delivered.

Over the years I have nominated individuals to a variety of bodies and awards where the service received has been outstanding.

Should service warrant comment when it’s outstanding?  Should that not be the norm?  Do people not aim to offer Customer Service Excellence all of the time?  Sadly, whilst the benefits are evident to all, both for the employee and the business, and additionally of course the customer, this is not always the case.

The magic moment need only last for minutes.

I recently took a long drive and arrived at my hotel, tired and drained of energy.  When I entered the reception, I met two absolutely charming receptionists.  Their greeting was warm and friendly, professional, yet sincere.  With my energy levels raised, my mood calmed, and far from purely rushing to my room as fast as I could, I entered into conversation. Without me trying, we had rapport and I felt that I had known the two receptionists for considerably more than barely a minute.

Following some simple, effortless form-filling, we smiled and enjoyed speaking a little more, everything that I said was answered with knowledge, genuine interest and also a desire to make sure that my stay would be enjoyable.

I almost felt reluctant to leave this “oasis” of calm and tranquillity! Finally, only minutes after my arrival, I was ready to go to my room.  I was offered a temporary yet memorable farewell, I knew already that I would be welcomed back not only on this stay but also in the future, such was the impression created.

Their Customer Service Excellence was simple yet effective, genuine and professional. In those magic first few minutes of first impressions they delivered:

  • A fantastic greeting – as if I was the only person that counted – and at that moment I was!
  • Genuine rapport created
  • Everything done for me, an effortless check in
  • Attentive and reactive to every word
  • A memorable farewell – I will be back!

Delivering Customer Service Excellence should be the norm.

Customer Service Excellence encourages more engaged employees who want to deliver each time, improving their service, and of course, this will ensure their customers want to return again!