Advance Performance | Who we are
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If you want lasting change in your people we can create a solution that works

Who we are

We are behavioural change specialists, bringing about sustained performance improvement for individuals and teams.

At the core of our programmes is a belief that individual development is key to organisational effectiveness and that by breaking through personal limits and taking responsibility for their own performance, people can achieve their true potential.


Since 1996, Advance Performance has been working with businesses and individuals from the corporate world and public sector, in charities, schools and sport, giving them tools to enable participants and teams to reach corporate and individual excellence.

Train With The Best
We choose our Consultants and Trainers on personality as well as skill, suitability alongside ability. We consider all of our people to be leaders – setting an example through their behaviours and attitude to positively influence those around them.


An Advance person can easily be identified by his or her approach to life…