Advance Performance | Behavioural and Psychometric Profiling Service
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Behavioural and Psychometric Profiling Service

Advance Performance is proud to offer a simple, user friendly and speedy psychometric profiling tool allowing organisations to make more informed decisions around recruitment and employee development.

‘AVA’ is an invaluable tool for your organisation in assisting with: Recruitment, Managing Talent, Personal Development, Team Dynamics and Performance Management. Following the completion of the user friendly 20 minute online process, each behavioural assessment is presented in a detailed, high quality controlled report delivered in secure PDF format within 48 hours.

Key Features and Benefits

  • A professionally developed assessment system established for over 50 years
  • A comprehensive and practical report in a reader-friendly format
  • In-depth analysis of working potential and job compatibility
  • Supports better recruitment decisions and reduced staff turnover
  • Greater impact within your training interventions
  • A comprehensive and practical report in a reader-friendly format
  • A practical tool providing key analysis for interviews
  • Valuable insight to support personalised coaching strategies
  • Highlights key areas as to how to motivate each employee to excel, resulting in improved productivity and individual performance
  • Supports more cohesive teamwork and helps resolve conflict
  • Insight into potential reasons for under performance
  • Fast and easy administration via online access
  • Assessments available in a selection of languages

Advance Performance can assist with all aspects of behavioural assessment to maximise the benefits of psychometric profiling.


Support can include:

  • Individual report feedback (face to face or via telephone)
  • Team Dynamics Workshops looking at individuals’ profiles within teams to improve performance and communication
  • Coaching for managers who wish to provide in-house report feedback
  • “Job Activity Rating” (JAR) – Additional psychometric tool used to benchmark the behavioural demands of a role to assist in the assessment of potential candidates
  • “Job Expectations” (JE) – Additional psychometric tool used to assess an individual’s behavioural requirements for a position.