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Our latest e-book publications

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Anyone Can Change

Martin Wright

Anyone Can Change is a very special collection of stories about real people who changed their beliefs and behaviour by following the theories taught by Advance Performance.


Martin volunteered as a counsellor in prisons for 14 years where he met a varied group of people with very different life stories and goals. As part of the counselling, Martin adapted the theory of Peak Performance to enable and inspire the individuals to improve their mindset, change their behaviour and achieve more in their lives.


Many of the individuals benefited, and as inspiration Martin decided, with a push from quite a few people, to relate their stories and their progression in life.


All the stories are true and all the people mentioned are aware that Martin has written this. However, he has changed all their names. As Martin says, “I truly believe that as the stories prove anyone can change.

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Advance Life Skills Handbook

Martin Wright

The Advance Life Skills Handbook provides you with positive and practical advice for everyday and life changing experiences based on our Peak Performance and Leadership Programmes.


The book includes tips to help you successfully manage scenarios such as preparing for interviews, moving house, handling difficult conversations, making a decision, mid-life crisis, time management, and dealing with bereavement.

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Lessons For A Better Life

Nick Bishop

Advance Performance are delighted to bring you this series of short stories from one of our leading consultants, Nick Bishop.


Throughout this inspirational read you will reflect on how you can develop the mindset that will allow you to perform at your best both personally and professionally.