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Our latest webcasts

Leadership Standards

How often do you get frustrated with team members not living up to your standards? Letting you down with the simple things?


During this Webcast, John and Heather talk about how to overcome the challenges of leading a team to maintain their standards in today’s impossibly busy organisations. They talk about how easy it is to slip into habits that can eventually trip us up or how instead we can increase our reputation, employee morale and pride.

How to Build Successful Sales Relationships

How do you build successful business relationships to meet your sales targets? Do you have a clear process to follow?


This webcast will introduce you to the Advance Sales Knowledge System (ASKS) and how following this proven system can provide you with a clear pathway to achieving your sales targets. The webcast will highlight the importance of asking the correct questions to gather all the knowledge you require to effectively influence sales decisions.

How to create a winning culture

Is it really true that a happy workforce is a productive workforce? How can we really afford to spend time on cultural issues when the business needs results quickly?


This webcast will give you an insight into how the culture of a business links directly to profit and business success and the evidence behind it. We will give you some top tips on which areas your need to engage people in so that they understand where the business is going and what part they play in getting it there.

How do we make the most of our talent

During this webcast Heather Wright and John Bullock discuss how we can make the most of our talents. Using some of our fantastic models, tools and techniques Heather and John will explain how you can become the best version of yourself, unlocking that inner potential and striving for those goals you desire.


Topics covered will include; understanding behaviour, choosing your attitude, what beliefs you currently hold, the importance of self talk.

How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

How often have you made New Year’s resolutions that have faded by February?


During this latest Webcast from Advance Performance, Heather Wright and John Bullock discuss how to set achievable goals using an approach that makes resolutions sustainable.