Advance Performance | 360° Appraisal Feedback System
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360° Appraisal Feedback System

This flexible, user friendly and powerful HR feedback system is designed to provide you with a method of quantifiably measuring staff performance for senior and middle management tiers.

Our 360° Appraisal Feedback System provides invaluable support for your organisation in the areas of: Talent Management, Personal Development, Training Needs Analysis and Performance Management.


We bespoke each project to align to your competency framework. A clear delivery strategy is then agreed and support provided before, during and after each project. This provides clear specific communication for all parties involved to achieve the required outcomes within the agreed timelines.


Upon completion every 360 appraisal is presented in a detailed, extensive, quality controlled report delivered in secure PDF format, together with an integrated Learning Development Plan.

Key Features and Benefits

  • A system bespoke to your organisation’s competency framework)
  • Quantifiable outcomes
  • Objective analysis of performance
  • Feedback provided from a variety of levels
  • On-going project support
  • Fast and easy administration via online access
  • Low cost per head/intervention
  • Confidential feedback
  • Results stimulate self learning and development
  • Identification of specific development areas
  • Option available for internal and external feedback
  • Valuable insight for personalised coaching strategies

Advance Performance can assist with all aspects of 360° implementation and delivery. To maximise the benefits of your 360° programme.


Specific support could include:

  • Individual report feedback (face to face or via telephone)
  • Coaching for managers who wish to provide in-house report feedback
  • Coaching for managers who wish to provide in-house report feedback
  • Competency Framework Workshops
  • Additional “Pulse” service: This provides on-going quantifiable feedback for each individual over the longer term to measure their development progress against specified objectives.