Why Use Advance?
Simply put, we are amazing at what we do. We have been helping people and organisations to become better for over two decades. Clients remain with us because they love what we do. It works, it lasts and it’s exciting. We deliver programmes like no one else our clients have ever come across. We mix the tried and tested with the new and innovative. If you want confirmation, ask any of the many people who met us over the last 20 years and are still using our material daily.

Advance Performance is an inspirational, personal and corporate development training consultancy. We deliver effective behavioural change programmes in areas such as leadership, sales, coaching and peak performance in a way that creates a lasting impression. Whether you need course for as few as four people, one to one coaching, or a development programme to work across groups and departments. At Advance Performance we will tailor the ideal solution for you.

Enterprise Awards 2017 – ‘Best corporate Development Training Consultancy’

Heather recently won the prestigious ‘Speaker Factor’ competition, held by the Professional Speakers Federation who are members of the Global Speakers Federation.

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Contact Information

Email: inspiration@advance-performance.co.uk
Tel: 01772 813969