Heather Wright, our director, is an inspirational speaker and facilitator delivering speeches and workshops to public services and large multinational companies in the UK, Europe, Central America and Australia.  She has achieved an excellent reputation for her professionalism and accessibility when working with clients, and specialises in Values-Based Leadership, Influencing Skills, and Building Effective Sales Relationships.  Heather recently won the prestigious ‘Speaker Factor’ competition at the PSA ‘Inspire’ Conference, held by the Professional Speakers Association who are members of the Global Speakers Federation. Call 01772 813969 or email heather.wright@advance-performance.co.uk to book Heather to speak at your next conference or event.

Advance Performance is an inspirational, personal and corporate development training consultancy. We deliver effective Behavioural Change Programmes,  Management Coaching for Excellence, and Peak Performance in a way that creates a lasting impression and sustainable results. Whether you need a course for as few as four people, one to one coaching, or a development programme to work across groups and departments, Advance Performance we will tailor the ideal solution for you. Call our team to discuss your requirements on 01772 813969 or email martin.wright@advance-performance.co.uk .

Enterprise Awards 2017 – ‘Best Corporate Development Training Consultancy’

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