Advance Performance | Executive 1-1 Coaching
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Executive 1-1 Coaching

Coaching is now recognised as one of the most effective professional development interventions.

We can provide executive coaching on almost any business-related topic.

  • Leadership
  • Personal Performance
  • Increasing confidence and personal impact
  • Better business relationships
  • Presentation skills/public speaking
Our executive coach will get to know you, your goals and your business so that you can work together to get the best out of you.  Helping you to build the confidence and the skills to take you to where you want to go.
How:  we usually work using a set of 6 sessions with 4-6 weeks in between that last between 90-120 minutes depending on the need on that particular day. 
Coaching can be done face to face or over conference call.  Although the first session is best done in person so that we can build rapport and get to know each other better.