Advance Performance | Keynote Speaking
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Keynote Speaking

Heather has the capacity to ignite transformational change with her high energy, powerful insights and magnetic personality.

Heather Wright is an award winning speaker, trainer and author. Her wisdom is imbued with a natural humour that creates an instant connection with audiences. Her ability to get to the heart of what is holding leaders and teams back opens up the potential to change ingrained habits and enables individuals and organisations to truly thrive.


Heather tackles a whole host of important subjects, freeing people to see opportunities where others see challenges.


She is regularly booked to speak on:

• Building resilience
• Developing emotional intelligence
• Authentic leadership
• Creating high performance teams
• Handling difficult conversations
• Increasing personal impact


Her audiences are typically leadership teams, emerging managers, employees and business conference attendees.

Topics include:
Talent Management
Lessons in developing and retaining top talent.

Psychology and Achievement
Understanding how the subconscious mind affects our view of the world, our own potential and how it determines the level of our performance.

Managing Change
Change behaviours and you change the result.

Customer Amazement
So much more than satisfaction! Turn Customer Care into Customer Amazement! Establish a culture of constant improvement and a passion for surpassing the expectations of your customers and teams.

Leadership is about influence, nothing more, nothing less. Leaders from history and sport bring this inspiring short session to life. What can we learn from those who have gone on to be world class players, leaders and influencers.

Visionary Cultures
Developing a truly winning culture.

Coaching for Performance
Lighting the fire within – Coach your staff to greater levels of competence and confidence, and thus boost long term performance.