Advance Performance | New Podcast: Does Great Customer Service Come At A Price?
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New Podcast: Does Great Customer Service Come At A Price?

New Podcast: Does Great Customer Service Come At A Price?

In her new podcast, our Managing Director Heather Wright discusses “Does Customer Service come at a price? And what price is acceptable?”

Heather highlights companies which have a reputation for great customer service such as Virgin, John Lewis, Ritz Carlton and Jet Blue airlines tend to be known as high brand, and none of these companies say they are cheapest. There is a financial price to pay for the reputation of great customer service. Can a company offer great customer service AND a guaranteed lower price?

Amazon is known for its great customer service, innovation, fast delivery on products and can keep the prices low – but they have been in the news recently due to the poor treatment of their staff. Is that the trade off we have to make?

People like to buy from a company that they know treats others well, And yet, customers are still choosing to buy from Amazon due to price, range, fast delivery, and overall convenience. The customer experience is excellent overall. Heather discusses the increase in the reports of the poor treatment of Amazon’s employees and what could happen when it reaches crisis point.

We have to look at the human issue when considering our companies. Values matter. Every individual at a company matters. There is a moral kudos in buying from the right organisations, and not just at the right price. 

Listen to Heather’s new 5 minute Podcast and discover why Advance encourages you to put the customer 3rd after you and your team, and why you and your company need to consider the moralistic issues above the capitalist interests for the long term success of your company.

How can the culture within Amazon change to focus on the mental and physical well being of its employees? Heather’s answer may surprise you because the responsibility lies with you the customer.