Advance Performance | 5 Top Tips to Improve Yourself in 30 Minutes
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5 Top Tips to Improve Yourself in 30 Minutes

5 Top Tips to Improve Yourself in 30 Minutes

As our lives become busier with constant connections through technology, deadlines, multitasking and the need to perform at our best, it can be difficult to find some specific “Me” time.

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Many people work through their lunch to meet deadlines showing themselves to be diligent; however taking a break from work or mobile devices, experiencing fresh air outside and exercising the mind and body are essential for your mental and physical health. Here are 5 top tips for continuing your personal development that can fit into a 30 minute break in your working day.

Go for a walk and enjoy nature

Walking is an ideal exercise to fit in your day. You don’t need special equipment, can choose your distance and pace, and go alone or with a friend. Aim for 10,000 steps each day. 4000-5000 can be achieved in a 30 minute brisk walk. Take in the sights and sounds of the environment that you probably don’t see if you commute to work in a car. There are many research papers proving the psychological  and physical  benefits of walking and experiencing nature. In June 2015, Stanford’s Gregory Bratman published a paper showing the improved brain activity of participants who took a daily nature walk.

Learn a Foreign Language

Multilinguals are proven to be more perceptive of their surroundings, and do better on standardised tests especially maths, reading and vocabulary. Learning a new language also improves memory and can stave off dementia. There are many accessible ways to learn a new language using technology. Sessions are divided into small learning steps so they fit well into your 30 minute break.  You can try free trials with the BBC, follow the Rosetta Stone or download sessions from Babbel. Improve your cognitive skills, listening, speaking, comprehension and spelling, all professional transferable skills which will enhance your CV at the same time. Remember to plan a holiday to practise those skills!

Take In Culture

Many museums and art galleries are free, and so you can spend twenty minutes just looking around one or two sections to have a boost of culture, discover an artist or a period of history and learn more about your city/town. Lunchtime concerts and lectures are now often held in libraries, tourist offices or places of worship where you can dip into some culture and boost your dendrites with music or new information and ideas.  If you prefer online culture, visit a museum anywhere in the world on a virtual tour – MOMA in New York or the Louvre in Paris whilst having lunch! The BBC has an astounding archive of podcasts and older radio programmes to discover history, science, arts, literature and fascinating interviews. Check out the British Library for their online exhibitions, books and articles on literature.

Be Creative

Do you love singing? Be inspired by Gareth Malone and start a workplace lunch choir.  Scientific research has proved that singing lowers stress and boosts your endorphins. Knitting and crochet can be very relaxing, very portable, and can give you a sense of achievement in creating something individual – and knitting and crochet grow very quickly to help you achieve your goal!  Colouring books with geometric or vintage patterns provide focus, develop mindfulness and enable that creativity in a short time. You could develop your perception of your surroundings by taking photographs – look at your street or buildings at a different angle and try the different modes on your phone camera.

Take up a daily physical activity

The British Heart Foundation recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days per week. By building up a daily habit of a regular aerobics class, daily swim (swimming passes are often much cheaper for early mornings), gym sessions, or a daily run you can create a behavioural change with positive physical and mental benefits. You could start cycling to work to form part of your physical routine.  Set yourself a goal to achieve such as a Race for Life to boost your motivation and invest in a tracking device such as a Fitbit to record your exercise rates to keep track of your calories, heart rate, and steps.

Finally, remember to take 30 minutes of Advance Momentum time to boost your dendrites and gain professional tips and knowledge by listening to a podcast, read a blog or article or watch a webcast presented by our trainers.

You can achieve a lot in 30 minutes to improve your skills, mental and physical health, and learn more about the world. How will you make your new goal of 30 minutes daily ME time work for you?