Advance Performance | The Advance Performance Podcast and Webcast on how to listen effectively
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The Advance Performance Podcast and Webcast on how to listen effectively

The Advance Performance Podcast and Webcast on how to listen effectively

This month’s podcast and webcast introduce the vital skill of listening effectively for business and leadership.

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Listening Effectively, Heather Wright and John Bullock discuss the importance of strong listening skills within organisations. Listening is a skill which people often wish to develop in business and tend to give themselves a low score as a skill in self evaluations.

The podcast introduces the key points of listening effectively which are expanded upon with models and interactive examples in the webcast.

  • Listen to learn and learn to listen
  • The distractions which prevent you from listening effectively
  • The importance of giving full focus to the other person

Heather and John emphasise the importance of learning how to listen effectively so that you can learn from the other person.  Great leaders learn to ask questions and listen for the answers to guide them.

The podcast concludes with a vital point: “Be present in the room and focus.”

In the webcast How to listen effectively we discuss our need to learn to listen to enable our own learning and develop our relationships with other people.

We consider the importance of the five points of communication, discussing how each affects your understanding, response and focus in listening. Reference is made to an excellent model from the book Powerful Listening. Powerful Influence by Tim Hast:

  • Sensing
  • Processing
  • Responding

This model is a great introduction to the skilful listening mode required for powerful listening which will enable you to be an effective influence through learning, building communication and relationships and achieving complete focus on the speaker.

As Heather and John agree “Every good conversation starts with good listening.

They refer to Winston Churchill and M. Scott Peck as well as Larry Alan Nadig who says “We were given two ears but only one mouth, because listening is twice as hard as talking.

Great leaders display outstanding communication skills which start with effective powerful listening.  As John explains our brain potential is limitless.  We know we have the power to build the pathways and enhance the connections and therefore, we can become effective powerful listeners.

If you choose to, you can also take an active part in Advance Performance’s webcasts by interacting during the streaming.  This webcast includes some valuable points from our delegates which helped to contribute to the impact and interest of the subject.

If you would like to participate in our next webcast How To Raise The Bar on 14th September please register here. You can now listen to our introductory podcast. We look forward to hearing from you!  If you have any suggestions for new podcasts or webcasts please do get in touch. We do want to cover the subjects which our Advance community find interesting and useful.