Advance Performance | Rediscover Your “Why”
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Rediscover Your “Why”

Rediscover Your “Why”

Whether your goal is to run a marathon, to sell a product, to hire a new manager, or to write a book the first question to ask yourself at the start is Why? Why are you doing this?



When pursuing your everyday challenges in the workplace, at home and in leisure and sports activities, the little details of problems, changing issues, and need to meet the needs of others can divert your focus from your initial reason you became involved.  This is the time to refocus and rediscover your Why.


Whether you consider your role as a leader, a team member, taking part on a project, being actively involved in a meeting or a sales pitch, the question of“Why are you here?” is the core question to ask yourself.

Think about your role on a project, your job, or a goal you are pursuing and ask yourself: Why are you involved?

What drives you to give your best to this project?
What is your core reason that inspires you to pursue your goal?


Your Why is the core reason which drives you to achieve your goal. Your Why is not your end goal as this is the result.

Your Why forms your beliefs and core values. This leads to your thoughts, your behaviour and your whole strategy to pursue your goal.

Write down your Why statement as you would write down an affirmation – in the present tense, and consider the emotions and visual image of Why.

In July, our eshot Ten Years of Toms and One For One explored how Blake Mycoskie was inspired to set up his company Toms selling shoes from his apartment and garage with a mission – for every pair he sold, he gave a pair  to a child without. – One for One. Blake’s Why was inspired when he volunteered to help in a shoe drive in Argentina, collecting shoes in a better-off areas and then driving them to places outside the city to be distributed to the poor.

When we started pulling out the shoes, you’d have thought it was Christmas day. These kids were so excited to get these shoes and they weren’t even new. They weren’t even in the package.

Blake had an emotional connection to these children through his experience and knew he could help to change their lives –  his ‘Why’ was his inspiration to build a successful company.

The whole of the strategy for investment, expansion, and company culture is driven by this essential WhyOne For One.

If you want others to be involved in your project, to sponsor you to run a marathon, to work wholeheartedly for your organisation, they need to be able to buy into and believe your Why.

Your whole essence of WHY needs to be strong enough to be other individuals’ Why they want to be involved, just as One For One is the whole Why of Toms.  The people who buy their products buy  into the belief of One for One just as the employees at the company believe the whole essence of One for One and can contribute by taking part in the projects to give away shoes or glasses.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.” – Simon Sinek

As a Leader you should always be aware of your Why and what it means to you as a person so that you can share your beliefs. This forms an integral part of our Leadership courses at Advance so that you can work practically towards becoming a more influential and authentic leader.

Whatever your goal you want to achieve, whatever product you want to sell, or project you aim to complete, and the team you need to assist you, the most important consideration is returning to WHY you are here.

Your WHY becomes your core value and strategy so that you, as an individual, your team and company will all be driven by the same mission.