Advance Performance | Empower Yourself with a Success Journal
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Empower Yourself with a Success Journal

Empower Yourself with a Success Journal

The practice of journaling has been a daily routine in many people’s lives through the ages, providing a personal recollection of an experience for the individual and a long lasting legacy for their descendants.


In the past few years, with the development of technological devices, the ways to keep a journal have changed significantly. If you want to make notes wherever you are, whenever you have an idea, or want to highlight a quote or a song lyric, that ability is now literally at your fingertips.

A Success Journal can be your place to focus on the goals you are pursuing, your achievements as they happen, and a place to highlight any of your behaviours that you would like to change. By making a physical note of any issues you can look back at this record at any time, and it can provide an excellent working tool. It is your record of ideas, thoughts, quotes, triggers, issues, and achievements, the place to note how and where you can improve. It is your personal record, the place where you can be completely honest with yourself.

You can utilise your Success Journal in many ways to empower you:-

Write down your Goals and Affirmations. This makes them easily accessible, written by you,  and they are a reminder of your desires and plans on your Life List. You can break down long term goals into manageable steps, schedule and highlight equipment and skills you need, people to contact, or research to be undertaken, all working towards you achieving your goal.

Keep a record of your daily short term and long term successes and celebrate them. Make notes of your daily successes and the strengths and skills you showed. Everything from devising a new filing system for yourself or your work, grasping the concept of a new app, or the day of your child’s first tooth. A written record means you can remind yourself of what you achieved on any particular day.

Work through past events, issues, and behaviours. Your Success Journal is a private place to refer to when you need to revisit a meeting, presentation, sales pitch or assignment which did not go as planned. By writing down what you believe did not work well, you can work positively on a plan to change your behaviour and attitude next time.

Make notes of your ideas at that moment.  Be positive in keeping a record of the ideas that inspire you as they happen so that you can refer to them when a problem arises. It is easy to forget ideas following a meeting if you don’t make notes. Your Success Journal is the ideal place to keep all these ideas and suggestions together.

Keep lists of your Positive Triggers together.  Use your Success Journal as a tool to keep positive quotes that inspire you, songs for a motivational playlist, empowering books to read, and uplifting films to watch. Carrying it around with you, means you can easily add new positive triggers which will build up your motivational resources.

Use images, colour, mind mapping, and flow charts to explore your ideas.  An accessible Success Journal  can be opened any time. It gives you a place to mentally work through your thought processes especially if you are encountering a difficult issue. Your brain records in images, so by physically recording your thought processes in images you will be reinforcing your dendrites.

Your Success Journal can enable you to make decisions, help build your confidence, recognise your successes and strengths. It can be the support you need to inspire you, the place where you can reflect your past dreams and successes, and your constant access to building your future.

So every time you use it be creative, be daring, be unique and most importantly, be you.