Advance Performance | How To Create a Winning Culture
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How To Create a Winning Culture

How To Create a Winning Culture

“I truly believe that if you take care of your employees they will take care of your business.” – Richard Branson


“Winning Culture” has been a popular business term in the past few years often linked with the company names of the moment – Google, Apple, Virgin.

What is a Winning Culture and is it important to every company and team?

Heather Wright and John Bullock are leading the next Advance Performance webcast on 28th April exploring how to create a winning culture in your team and company.  Prior to the webcast, they would like you to consider what a company culture means to you and how developing a culture benefits a company and its employees.

Why does culture matter?

How can a positive culture improve your business?

How will people in the business benefit from the culture?

There has been extensive research into the importance in cultures in long standing successful companies in the past twenty years, but we live in an ever-changing industrial and technological environment.  A culture in a company that is web-based may be very different to that in a traditional manufacturing company or in the service industry.  How a company is structured, communicates, and provides service is changing all the time.

How can we create a winning culture in our companies today?

In the webcast, Heather and John will explore the importance of developing a culture which benefits your people, and how the core and strategy are integral to a successful company culture.

They will explore some of the most successful companies with winning cultures and question why they stand out above their successors.

They will also consider how people are motivated and empowered by belonging to an integral culture within a company.

To conclude, Heather and John will leave you with five top tips to develop and practise your own culture within your company to maintain and improve success.

We do hope that you will join us for this webcast. You can register here to participate.