Advance Performance | Leadership Development Programmes
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Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership Development Programmes

Growth in the economy is bringing an increase in competition and the need for rapid change within businesses, thus making it all the more necessary for SMEs to develop a more strategic approach to people development. The ones who respond will be the ones that flourish!


Utilising Advance’s 17 years of helping people and organisations, we now have a flexible yet focused programme that brings world class leadership development to the SME market.

Leaders, irrespective of experience, business sector or size, will acquire “best in class” leadership knowledge and be supported in applying it practically to their own specific business challenges.

This programme runs over 6 months to allow time for learning to be applied, embedded and impact measured. Focused telephone support available throughout.


Duration: 12 days

What to expect from the Advance Performance SME Leadership Series:

  • How to develop a sustainable positive mindset.
  • How to set and achieve effective goals.
  • How to maintain morale and optimism within teams/organisations.
  • How to apply a suite of pragmatic skills for day to day use on business projects.
  • How to help individuals to inspire, develop and promote excellence to create high performing teams.


Who is the ideal delegate?
We know the opportunity to network and learn from other like-minded professionals is important, which is why you will regularly meet others to share experiences and learning.
The programme will be tailored towards delegates achieving their current business objectives.