Advance Performance | Sales Training
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Sales Training

Sales Training

This programme is about building relationships and creating solutions for the customer that will bring them back to your door time and again. Delegates will leave with a very clear system to use that will take them through a successful sales process. They will build knowledge about selling and buying and will be able to apply these influencing skills to all areas of their business and personal lives.


Duration: 2 days

What to expect on the programme…

  • Understanding sales – what is selling?
  • Understanding beliefs – where does our behaviour come from?
  • Understanding questions – how can we find out the information we need?
  • Understanding influence – how can we build better relationships?
  • Understanding objections – how can we handle difficult questions?
  • Understanding solutions – how do we close the sale?


Who is the ideal delegate?
If you are selling a product, service or concept to external or internal ‘customers’, this programme will benefit you and your organisation.