Advance Performance | How To Keep Your Energy Levels High
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How To Keep Your Energy Levels High

How To Keep Your Energy Levels High

How do we stay resilient during our difficult times? Or when we have extra responsibilities at the same time that we need to meet important deadlines? How do we stick to our positive habits each day and each week?

We need to keep our energy levels high.

When we’re tired and drained of energy, our resilience is lowered. We can more easily break our habits and we are less resistant to negative influences we encounter. Our energy is vital for our mental toughness. So how can we make sure we keep our energy levels high?

In her new video, Heather explains with use of a brilliant metaphor – Keep Your Energy Bucket Full. She explores how we keep our energy bucket topped up, what may be the causes of holes in our bucket, and how we can plug those energy draining holes.

This is a brilliant video with suggestions on how to make sure we have enough energy to stay resilient and be the best version of ourselves whatever we face in our professional and personal lives.