Advance Performance | Tapping Into The Power Of Influence By Heather Wright
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Tapping Into The Power Of Influence By Heather Wright

Tapping Into The Power Of Influence By Heather Wright

Call upon your persuasive powers to get the job done

I am delighted to have a new article Tapping into the Power of Influence published in the Leadership section of Executive Secretary magazine.

I hope the excerpt below inspires you to click to read the full article and discover how C.L.U.E. can empower you to unlock the power of influence to navigate relationships, solve problems, and achieve the most effective resolution you are seeking.

It often feels like hierarchy and influence go hand in hand, but the capacity to influence others isn’t exclusively linked to stature and job titles. As an assistant, it may sometimes feel either uncomfortable or even impossible to influence others in the workplace, but it’s not necessarily the case.

When we aren’t the most senior person in the room, it prompts us to call upon our persuasive powers in order for others to listen and take note.

You can click here to read the rest of my 5 minute read in Executive Secretary magazine, and discover some of the other excellent contributors on communication, health and well being, personal and career development.

Have a fantastic day!

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