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Performance Management Tools

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Our Management Tools

At Advance we are proud to offer some highly valuable and established Performance Development Tools.  These tools can aid you and your organisation in making more informed recruitment and employee development decisions and providing quantifiable measures of staff performance and development.

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Advance Performance is proud to offer a simple, user friendly and speedy psychometric profiling tool allowing organisations to make more informed decisions around recruitment and employee development.

‘AVA’ is an invaluable tool for your organisation in assisting with: Recruitment, Managing Talent, Personal Development, Team Dynamics and Performance Management.

Following the completion of the user friendly 20 minute online process, each behavioural assessment is presented in a detailed, high quality controlled report delivered in secure PDF format within 48 hours.

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This flexible, user friendly, speedy and powerful HR feedback system is designed to provide you with a method of quantifiably measuring staff performance for senior and middle management tiers.

Our 360° Appraisal Feedback System provides invaluable support for your organisation in the areas of: Talent Management, Personal Development, Training Needs Analysis and Performance Management.

We bespoke each project to align to your competency framework. A clear delivery strategy is then agreed and support provided before, during and after each project.  This provides clear specific communication for all parties involved to achieve the required outcomes within the agreed timelines.

Upon completion every 360° appraisal is presented in a detailed, extensive, quality controlled report delivered in secure PDF format, together with an integrated Learning Development Plan.

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Client Testimonial

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“Advance provide a straightforward user friendly service to supply an uncomplicated valuable resource in assisting our recruitment process. Quick, reliable and friendly service.”

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The quality and presentation of the 360 feedback reports meets with the high expectations of our clients. Our professional requirements sometime mean we need an urgent turnaround which is never an issue for the Advance Team.”