Advance Performance | Presentation Skills
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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

For many, the challenge is often to develop the confidence to present. This course is designed to develop such confidence by providing a structured approach with tools and techniques to help sustain the learning. There are two vital keys to this course:
1. Knowing what makes a great presentation
2. Being a great presenter.
In other words, the material and the delivery.


Duration: 1 day

What to expect on the programme…

  • Use language and tools to present a more powerful message
  • How to remember what is coming next and how to link points seamlessly
  • Building rapport to engage and interact with confidence
  • Developing the individuals unique strengths and delivery style
  • Dealing with questions effectively.


Who is the ideal delegate?
Employees who need to present to large or small groups in order to communicate effectively and also as a development opportunity for those who have been identified as potential future leaders