Advance Performance | Inspirational Leadership
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Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Whether you are seeking to understand what inspirational leadership is for the first time or you are looking to add vital tools and techniques to your leadership armoury, Advance Performance offers you and your people the opportunity to learn, discover and apply our unique approach to leadership ensuring results for you and your organisation!


Duration: 5 days

What to expect on the programme ..

  • Understand what is meant by the term ‘visionary leadership,’ what is a vision, what is not
  • How do values underpin great leadership?
  • Understand and develop essential traits of inspirational leaders
  • How is influence connected to communication?
  • Maintaining morale and optimism
  • Creating and developing high performing teams


Who is the ideal delegate?
Our Inspirational Leadership programme is aimed at both senior and junior leaders alike. We have proven results working with organisational departments across all business sectors. If you are serious about improving your Leadership impact and your organisation’s results, you will benefit from this programme.