Advance Performance | Handling Difficult Conversations
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Handling Difficult Conversations

Handling Difficult Conversations

This work shop explains the psychology of behaviour and how our mindset can cause us to avoid conversations we perceive as difficult. We will then spend time identifying the three elements of a difficult conversation so that delegates are able to break down the end goal of priorities of what needs to be achieved by having the conversation. The end result of this workshop will be a road map to follow and clarity in how to follow it.


Duration: 1 day

What to expect on the programme…

  • Identify the elements of a conversation
  • Understand the role of feelings in affecting the outcome
  • Transform a battle into a learning conversation
  • Recognise when it is time to speak and when it is time to listen
  • Distinguish between emotional elements and facts
  • Be aware of what is being said as well as what is not
  • Focus on the required solution
  • Discover the way to empower individuals towards positive achievement


Who is the ideal delegate?
The Handling Difficult Conversations Workshop is aimed at those who have responsibility for staff. Anyone who may have to have honest and frank conversations in order to get the best out of the business, team or simply an individual.