Advance Performance | Customer Excellence
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Customer Excellence

Customer Excellence

Through this practical workshop based programme you will discover how customer excellence is achieved and also develop an understanding of its importance. This understanding will help you to embed the necessary mindset to continuously improve rather than simply follow a set of rules.


You will focus on developing skills and techniques that will have a positive impact on all customer interactions. Equipped with the beliefs and knowledge required, you will gain insights into how a culture of customer excellence impacts the organisation’s performance on every level. We will explain the “why” as well as the “what” and the “how” of great customer relationships and how to sustain these behaviours.


Duration: 2 days

What to expect on the programme…

  • Build and manage a personal presence that builds great customer relationship
  • Communicate positively in a variety of situations
  • Create sales through excellent service
  • Develop effective influencing skills
  • Continuously improve body language and verbal communication
  • Work effectively as a team to develop a culture of amazing customer service


Who is the ideal delegate?
All front line “customer facing” staff who want to both develop and improve the quality of their customer interactions.