Advance Performance | New Podcasts on Customer Excellence and Creativity!
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New Podcasts on Customer Excellence and Creativity!

New Podcasts on Customer Excellence and Creativity!

The Advance team have produced two new podcasts to help stimulate your creativity and enhance your customer service excellence skills.



Heather Wright and John Bullock discuss the important link between creativity and motivation in the workplace in their new podcast.  Heather explains that people need more creativity in the workplace so that they are more engaged.  She dispels the myth that some people are not creative by exploring different ways that draw out unacknowledged creativity.

Heather introduces the two steps of creativity and motivation:

1.  The creation of ideas

2.  Turning these ideas into action

If people are engaged in the generation of ideas then they are more likely to be motivated to act on them effectively.

Heather and John stress the importance of creativity practice – the more you use your creative skills, the more malleable the brain can be and you can be more adaptable.

Customer Excellence

Our second new podcast is Developing A Customer Service Culture presented by Nick Bishop and John Bullock.  Nick introduces the 5 key features of a Customer Excellence culture:

1.  Take Responsibility All individuals within a company should be accountable.

2.  Build Rapport and Empathy Nick explains the importance of congruence, body language and voice in communication.

3.  Adapt to a variety of environments and situations It is essential to be able to adapt to different forms of communication including face to face, email, telephone, or social media and to communicate in the most effective way for the customer.

4.  Develop a seamless approach to customer excellence Nick explains there should be the same level of customer excellence throughout a company built on trust, so that the values and vision are aligned.

5.  Create a plan John and Nick discuss the importance of the Advance ethos of setting goals and having powerful visions which everyone in a company can buy into, so that a customer excellence culture can be achieved.

As Nick says in the podcast: “Don’t delay, start today!”

Nick and John’s webcast “How To Become A Customer Excellence Champion!” is an inspiring thirty minute in-depth presentation with tips, research and examples of customer service excellence.