Advance Performance | Six Super Tips to be Resilient and Successful Against the Winter Blues
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Six Super Tips to be Resilient and Successful Against the Winter Blues

Six Super Tips to be Resilient and Successful Against the Winter Blues

As we enter November, the mornings may already be frosty as we set off on our commute, the weather is more unpredictable, and nights are drawing in before many of us have left our office.

These uncontrollables are regular features of this time of the year, and can affect our attitude and productivity as a part of Seasonal Affected Disorder.

However, we can develop our resilience as the Winter Blues set in, ensuring we set ourselves positive goals and routines to improve our thoughts, behaviours and actions so that we continue to be the best versions of ourselves as we can be.

Our Six Super Tips for Success this Winter:

Set yourself SMART personal and professional goals which you can work towards, and celebrate the achievements.  Remember to break down your goal so that you can celebrate success from smaller achievable ones that will motivate you to achieve the bigger more challenging goal. Step out of your comfort zone by taking smaller risks to give you confidence for the big risk. Set the daily routine of getting up at the same time and eating a healthy breakfast so that you start each day with a positive daily habit you can continue all year.

Accentuate the Positive! Your experience of the world is based on your own attitude. By consciously looking towards the positive in any situation this will enable you to profit from three important tools for a positive mindset – happiness, gratitude and optimism.  In a challenging situation make sure you focus on the elements you can control. Let go of the uncontrollables which raise your stress levels and focus on the elements within your control. End each day positively by writing down three positive things which happened to you that day.

Create positive triggers to boost your positive self talk and attitude. This could be introducing positive self talk mantras on your desk at work, listening to a ‘feel good’ positive playlist on your commute, or bookmarking your favourite TED Talks on your smart device. Write down your SMART affirmations and maintain a habit of reading through them as a positive trigger at least once every day to boost your attitude and positive behaviour.

Prepare for any situation. Preparation is the key to success in your professional and personal life. So make sure you give yourself time to prepare to ensure that you show yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be. Organise your diary and daily agenda so that you have time to prepare for each meeting and presentation, including research time, and quiet space to visualise what you need to say and how you want to perform to be your best self.

Unite to Boost Your Positivity! Your attitude, goal success and maintenance of habits are all boosted by participating in challenges with peers. Socialising is an important contribution to boosting our mood especially when it’s cold and dark as we set off to the gym or go jogging. Establish a get together for a weekly exercise class or online course so that you can encourage each other towards your goals. Join with colleagues for a walking meeting, or walking lunchbreak to gain the advantage of the sunlight and support of colleagues in building this healthy habit to boost your Vitamin D and bone health.

Pay It Forward and Boost Your Peers. Don’t just think about your own mood at this time of year, but be mindful that other peers may be suffering from Seasonal Affected Disorder or be run down from colds. Encourage your team with genuine compliments on their actions and ideas, and encourage each individual to step out of their comfort zone to take on new responsibilities. Be flexible with others so that they can progress and achieve their potential. Your positivity is contagious if you are willing to support and believe in others.

By taking control of the controllables, being prepared, setting goals and developing a positive attitude, you can beat the onset of the winter blues, and perform at your best whatever the challenges!