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Raising The Bar Webcast

Raising The Bar Webcast

What does raising the bar mean for you? Why is it important to raise the bar? How can you personally raise the bar?

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In the Advance team’s latest webcast Raising The Bar , Nick Bishop and John Bullock aim to answer these questions to enable you to be the best version of yourself.

John and Nick introduce the webcast by referring back to the key idea of “best” behaviour or aiming for your best 100% of the time. They consider how would you feel if your pilot said he was aiming to be at 60% of his best on your flight? You want and need the pilot to be aiming to be 100% as you do your dentist, surgeon, teachers, or the school bus driver!

Raising the bar means being your best for the people who work with and for you personally. When interviewed, we expect you promise to deliver your best all the time not just some of the time!

As John says we have one life to live. You don’t have a lot of time on the planet so it makes sense to make the most of it.

How can you raise the bar?

Aim for 100% best 100% of the time. Success is dependent on effort
You need to want it enough to be prepared to put in the extra mile.  Nick says to his sports teams that if you want to improve you know it has to hurt.  If you want to really achieve, you have to put in the effort.

Grow outside your comfort zone
By pushing out of your comfort zone you add new experiences, new skills and new achievements.  They explain that the best way to increase your comfort zone is by building up bite size chunks, small goals and small steps to improve achievement.

The magic happens just outside the comfort zone but you have to want to push yourself.

Question what you are currently doing and how can you do it better
Nick and John stress the importance of constantly questioning your behaviour, processes, tasks and systems and focusing on improving efficiency.  By openly examining how a project or task did not work as well as expected, you can make improvements.  Question your own performance and be honest with yourself, so that you can develop your skills and knowledge to be the better next time.

Question mediocrity
Never accept mediocrity, the average or okay in your own performance. By having positive mental awareness you will catch yourself when being mediocre or average – and then can raise the bar to achieve your best.

Aim for the remarkable
If you aim for the remarkable you will achieve the good and the great. Nick reminds us of a key element in our Advance philosophy – that Attitude is key to your achievement. He stresses that you have to work on your attitude 24/7- it does not just appear.  You need to have self discipline, constantly question how to do better and practise and focus on your positive attitude.  How you perform and whether you can raise your own bar is ultimately your choice.

Take responsibility to make it happen
It is vital in today’s workplace to be responsible for your own personal development, to gain new skills, knowledge, required qualifications and broaden your experience.  You cannot depend on your boss sending you on a course. You are responsible and accountable for your personal development to move your career forward.

Our next webcast Team Dynamics will be Thursday 22nd October at 12 noon. John Bullock and Heather Wright will discuss the importance of acknowledging, understanding and embracing the different individual behavioural styles within a group in order to create a High Performing Team.

We do hope that you will join us by registering here.

The Advance team are always aiming to Raise Our Own Bar, and we do appreciate feedback on our webcasts, podcasts, weekly eshots and quotes.  If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like us to feature, please do email us at