Advance Performance | Negotiate That!
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Negotiate That!

Negotiate That!

Have you ever needed your team to have better relationships with each other to increase productivity?
Would you like to improve your influencing skills to achieve the outcomes you believe in?.

Our UK and FBI trained hostage negotiator will help you to understand the power of influence and how it can be applied not only to life threatening incidents, but also in your day to day business environment. Throughout this powerful programme, our negotiator shares experiences from the most extreme and emotionally charged environments. You will learn how to influence others to achieve the outcomes you desire through building rapport and developing trust.
Duration: 1 day

Using real life scenarios you will:

  • Learn insightful, effective and innovative tools to create and execute negotiating techniques for any situation
  • Learn how to handle and gain control of an emotionally charged situation when the odds are stacked against you
  • Develop influencing techniques that will generate the desired outcomes
  • Build knowledge to gain buy-in and influence people (Whether you like them or not)
  • Persuade people with confidence and authority.