Advance Performance | Creative Thinking And Problem Solving
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Creative Thinking And Problem Solving

Creative Thinking And Problem Solving

This practical workshop based programme is designed to develop people’s skills as creative and innovative thinkers. We will focus on the two elements that are vital to the development of creativity;
1. Mindset, Belief and Understanding the blockers and enablers to creative thinking
2. Skills and techniques – the tools and techniques to generate new ideas, solutions and ways of thinking We will demystify the ‘process’ of creativity, helping everyone understand how it drives efficiency, productivity, effectiveness as well as personal and organisational engagement.


Duration: 2 days

What to expect on the programme…

  • Define and distinguish problem solving, innovation and creativity.
  • Demonstrate the process of ‘original thought’
  • Understand the nature of mental blockers and enablers to creativity
  • Create the belief and understanding that creativity is a skill and it can be developed
  • Understand HOW to facilitate and coach creativity from those around us effectively
  • Gain & use tools and techniques to enhance creativity in oneself and draw creativity from others.


Who is the ideal delegate?
This Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Programme is for any individual wishing to develop their creative and innovative thinking skills at any level within a business.